STVSG President’s Annual Report for 2017

The Southern Tier Veterans Support Group continues to positively impact the lives of many local veterans and their families! I’d like to update you on some of this year’s significant accomplishments and how your support has assisted STVSG in helping our veterans.

We continue to provide significant financial support to hundreds of our local veterans and their families. In 2017, we awarded approximately $108,000 in direct aid to our veterans. In addition, we connected many of them to the service organizations that could address their needs. We also provided the Binghamton Vet Center and county Veteran Service Agencies with thousands of dollars in food and gas gift cards. The gas cards allow many veterans to be able to make their necessary doctor’s appointments. Many of our veterans face significant challenges (e.g. housing, employment and transportation) because of their service. STVSG is uniquely-capable to address these challenges. We are humbled by their service and proud to help them get their lives on track.

STVSG continues to partner with more than 70 organizations to better serve our veterans. I’d like to highlight two examples. Since 2014, we have actively participated on Binghamton Mayor Richard David’s Blue Ribbon Commission to End Veteran Homelessness. On 17 August 2017, we celebrated the opening of 27 Pine Street in Binghamton, which is now the home for ten formerly homeless veterans. STVSG used your donations to purchase all the stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers for the residents. On other project, we worked with several organizations, led by Tri-Cities Opera, on events leading up to performances of the opera “Glory Denied”, the story of Army COL Jim Thompson, the longest held POW in American history. This “9DAYS” campaign significantly raised community awareness of issues facing our veterans. Studies have shown that community awareness and involvement are critical to the successful reintegration of our veterans after completing their military service. We also provided significant funding for publication of the “Stories of Service” book so that veterans and their families could document and honor their service. This book was provided free to all veterans and opera attendees.

Together, we are making a big difference! The support we provide is often life-changing and would not be possible without your generous support! We strive to be the best stewards of your donations…all donations stay within the nine counties we serve, and more than 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to our veterans.

On behalf of our veterans, thank you for your continued support!

Al Eaton
President, Southern Tier Veterans Support Group