We moved our VeteRUN program to 430pm starting next Wednesday May 3rd .  This was done to accommodate Veterans that are working or going to school.

The Binghamton Vet Center is looking for combat Veterans and family members for our new Run/Walk program in Downtown Binghamton from the Vet Center, VeteRUN.

It doesn’t matter if your straight off the couch or been running for years. Come join us and breath in the spring fresh air. There’s nothing like a good outdoor walk or run to melt away your stress, anxiety and winter blues or just clear your head. You do not have to run in a group , a certain distance, or speed. We run for fun or walk to talk.

This group will run twice a week and time will be established based off of the availability of those who sign up. Please call me or email me for more information. Jason Davis (607)722-2393 or jason.davis3@va.gov. It’s never too late to get active!