Greene Legion News Distribution July 17-23

The Post had a very busy July Meeting. People signed up for the Legion Booth at the Craft Fair on July 22. Our booth will be right in front of “The Pub” Restaurant. This year, in addition to information given out and flag and grave items being sold, we will have coffee mugs. One says “I support Greene Post 692 with the American Flag, the Various Branches flags, and the Picture of our newest monument. ” Mugs will be sold for $8-$8.50. This new “mug” is really great. Additionally we will be selling a limited amount of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard mugs. Additionally we will have literature on a variety of topics such as What To Do Upon The Death of a Retired Service Member, How to Obtain Military Personnel Records, and the Excellent Red Cross Military Family Resource Guide Pamphlets for Chenango and Broome Counties. Post Basis Membership Dues are Due. They are $40 and should be given to or sent to George Marr with checks made out to the Greene American Legion Post 692. George now has the card memberships. Thanks goes to the family who donated funds so that we can have name signs for cars in the Memorial Day Parade in future years. Staff Call will be Aug 2 at 6PM at the Library. The August meeting will be at the Vets Home at 6PM August 7. Cdr Bourque shared ways the new Oxford Vet Director is trying to recruit and make improvements at the Home. Our local State Legislators are giving us support with the Home. E Howell shared that he now has about 414 pavers and or applications for the All Veterans Monument. The Post had an excellent speaker talk about the Clear Path For Veterans Organization which is a non-government supported group developing programs to help Veterans and their families. Please check them out on the Internet.

The Post voted to start a Greene Veterans Relief Fund to help Greene area veteran families widows etc that are in need. It will be a separate fund like the Monuments Fund. We are hoping to build up an endowment and use the interest off the fund to help others. Hopefully folks will think of the Fund when a loved one that was a veteran or supporter dies and encourage donation to this fund in lieu of flowers. Years ago when my stepfather died literally thousands of dollars were spent on flowers that died within days. When I as executor made the decision I asked people to donate to the American Bible or Cancer Societies. It will take awhile to build up this fund but what a worthwhile thing it can be. Donations can be sent to our Greene PO Box 149.

If a loved one missed having a flag on their grave site please call Cdr L Bourque(656-9047) or V Cdr V Jenks( 656-8571). A reminder that our Post has a Post Office Box. It is PO Box 149. We are a 501 c 19 Not for Profit Veterans organization. If you would like to help our work please send a check payable to American Legion Post 692, PO Box 149, Greene, NY 13778. We greatly appreciate all the gifts received in our fundraising mailing. If you have a question about Flag Retirement contact L Bourque, about Flags(we do not sell the poles), Plaque sales etc J Girton, Membership G Marr, Monument questions or applications E Howell, Honor Guard L Bourque, and other questions myself J Koopman. If you have a Greenite that is in the service or has served since 9/11 please call our Cdr so the name can be put on the 9/11 banner that rotates between Bonnies and the Silo. A reminder again that please make sure if you have a veteran in your family that you know where their discharge paper(s) are. Veterans are entitled to many things including at funeral time BUT the Discharge paper is the key to getting entitlements. If you’re not sure or can’t find the records call the County Outreach Officer ASAP.

If you have a veteran/widow/active duty military member( Guard-Reserve-Active ) in need of help, please call any of the following: Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255, Binghamton Vet Center 772-2393, VA Outreach Center 772-9100, County Outreach Officer 778-2147, Southern Tier Veterans Support Group 205-8332, Post Chaplain 656-4533 or other questions 765-6269. A whole additional list of support services are available in a pamphlet put out by the Red Cross. I have many copies so please call 765-6269. On a daily basis I give them to Vets and their families at the hospital let alone to case workers etc Did you notice the Oxford Vet Home had a job fair at the Home? Getting into the Home is much harder now than in the past because they are short staff. The Vet’s Home has been tremendous in its care BUT the area communities need to make sure it keeps open.

How you noticed how hard it is to get news out to people? As an organization we get mail addresses and then reach some by Internet and phone. Many phone numbers are not in the phonebooks because people only use Cell phones. If you are reading this article you are a minority because fewer and fewer read newspapers. Many I know see the “slant” of other than the Chenango American papers. I was raised on Mainline TV News BUT now see the slants. I read the newspaper after I read the sports section as a kid, but ask kids today about batting averages, geography etc etc. Recently someone told our Cdr how until most recently they didn’t know we had a Legion Post in town. I was floored as I have been involved writing a column seeing our Post working so hard etc. A Masters Degree person, when asked where they got most of their community news etc. said I get it from papers kids bring home from school. Send things through the kids. Please help us reach veterans in town.

Lucille Parker was born in Greene in 1924. He entered the US Navy(WAVES) in May 1944. She did her Basic Training in Bronx NY and A and M College Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma St now). She went from here to Norfolk, VA, Great Lakes Ill, and discharged in April 1946 from NY, NY. She reached the rank of Yeoman 2nd Class. Greene and America are thankful to Lucille and her family for their service.